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Looking your best with permanent makeup

Permanent Cosmetics

Warmer weather is here and activities are heating up too.  If you are active or just enjoy looking your best without spending a lot of time getting there, permanent cosmetics may be for you.  Not everyone is blessed with thick, full eyelashes and perfect brows.    Aging, over-plucking, and scars are a few reasons why the brows may have thinned out.  Permanent cosmetics can fill in the spaces in the brows that time has erased.  Permanent eyeliner makes the lashes look fuller and


your eyes more bright and attractive.  Permanent Makeup allows you to wake up looking more refreshed.  Participating in activities such as swimming, biking, hiking, golfing etc, will no longer smudge your eyeliner and brows.  Permanent Eyeliner or Brows can look even more natural than makeup due to the fact that the pigment is in the skin rather than on top of it.  Call today for your free consultation.