Men’s Services

Men's Services Outdoor Active LifestyleLa’ Derma offers Men’s Services! Are you, or do you know a man who has an active, outdoor lifestyle that includes little or no skin care and/or sunscreen?  Being outdoors in the sun and the wind feels great and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, however, it can have some negative effects on your skin.


Men's Services Microneedling Before and After

(Top) Before Microneedling – Goal to improve sun spots and tighten skin. (Bottom) Less than 1 month after treatment, dark spots are much lighter and lines in the forehead have already diminished. The skin will continue to improve for up to five months after the treatment.

Even if you use sunscreen, uneven texture and dark spots tend to appear over time.  Microneedling can help.  These treatments are affordable and require little to no “down time”.  Improvements to the skin happen naturally and gradually.  All you need to do is keep the skin clean and moisturized after the treatment.  Click here for more information on Microneedling.

Other Services –
Scars or Burns
Scars can be a badge of honor and sometimes a cruel reminder of difficult times.  Whether they are from acne, accidents, or surgery, they can usually be improved with Microneedling or scar camouflage.

Sagging or Drooping Skin
Muscles can almost always be tightened and bulked up with exercise and good diet.  Wouldn’t it be great if a few push ups could take the years off of your skin?  Microneedling helps your body do it from the inside out.   This technique stimulates your body to produce new, healty, plumped up skin naturally.  There are no injections.

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